Buy Back Program

Selling Estates & Collections in Rochester

At Ridge Coin, we’ll buy anything from a few pieces of jewelry or collectibles to entire collections. We frequently buy entire estates or estate collections, and there’s no collection too large for us to buy. From stamp and coin collections to antiques and jewelry, our team will determine the value of your collection and provide a quote to acquire the entire lot.

With decades in both the precious metal and collectible industry, our team has vast experience in pricing rare items. When we don’t have the knowledge to properly find the value of rare items, our partners and experts do the research necessary to determine a fair value for every item. You can be assured that we’ll do everything necessary to determine a fair price for your collectibles, treat your valuables with respect, and come back with a quick offer.


Eternagold Yellow Gold 20.5"
Yellow Gold Necklace
$71.99 | 1.2 DWT, 1.9 GRAMS, 14KT
White Gold 17.5" Necklace
White Gold Necklace
$149.57 | 1.5 DWT, 2.4 GRAMS, 14KT
Tri Color 19" Rope Chain
Tri Color Gold Necklace 14k
$299.40 | 10 DWT, 15.6 GRAMS, 14KT
Eternagold Yellow Gold Ring
Yellow Gold Ring 14k
$134.47 | 2.4 DWT, 3.8 GRAMS, 14KT
Vintage White Gold Wedding Ring
White Gold Wedding Ring 18k
$149.43 | 3 DWT, 4.8 GRAMS, 18KT
Rose White Gold 2 Band Ring
Rose White Gold 2 Band Ring
$284.73 | 7.2 DWT, 11.3 GRAMS, 14KT
White Gold Oval Earrings
White Gold Earrings
$218.76 | 4.8 DWT, 7.5 GRAMS, 14KT
Large Hat Yellow Gold Earrings
Large Hat Yellow Gold Earrings
$522.80 | 12.8 DWT, 20 GRAMS, 18KT

Our professional team at Ridge Coin will educate you on the pricing process, describe to you in detail what you have and why we priced it the way we did, and make you a cash offer for your valuables. All our quotes are free and selling to us is completely optional.

To get your free estates appraisal, stop by one of our locations, or give us a call at (585) 234-5678 today!