What We Buy

At Ridge Coin, we buy much more than just gold. In addition to dealing in precious metals and gemstones from gold and silver to rubies and diamonds, we also have decades of experience in the antiques and collectibles industry. If you have something of value, bring it in to Ridge Coin for an evaluation and offer – you never know what it could be worth!

Gold & Jewelry

From gold dental fillings to bars of gold from Fort Knox, if it’s gold, we’ll buy it. Our team tests your gold for purity and weighs it to determine the gold content, then provides an estimate on your valuables. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken or in bad shape – if it’s made of gold, that’s all that matters. Learn more

Silver, Platinum, & Other Metals

Gold isn’t the only metal with value. Silver jewelry, flatware, and other pieces have intrinsic value that we’re happy to help you take advantage of. Platinum, while less popular, is also very valuable. If you aren’t sure of what your jewelry or precious metals are worth, bring it in for a free evaluation and estimate to learn more about what you have. Learn more


Do you have a diamond that you don’t wear or no longer holds the same meaning to you that it once did? Bring it in for a full evaluation. At Ridge Coin, we deal extensively with the second-hand diamond market and know exactly how to price them to get you the most for your diamonds. Have a GIA or other certificate? We can get you a quote extremely quickly. Learn more


Do you have an old watch that is broken or outdated? If it’s collectible or made of gold (or has other jewels of value in it), we’ll make you an offer! Learn more

Coins & Currency

Many older coins were made of gold or silver, and due to the increase in commodity prices, are now worth more intrinsically than face value. Rarer coins and paper money have collectible value. Our team can help you differentiate between the two, discover if your old coins and currency have value, and offer to purchase them from you. Learn more

Estates & Collections

Do you have an entire estate you need to sell, or an extensive collection? We frequently buy estates and collections that have collectible value. Our knowledge of gold, silver, and jewelry pricing combined with our knowledge of antiques and collectibles allows us to come in and give a fair, accurate offer for your estate or collection. Learn more


From phones and computers to video game systems and televisions, our team also buys and sells electronics. If you have electronics you do not need, stop in to Ridge Coin for an offer. Learn more

Antiques and Collectibles

With years of experience dealing in antiques and collectibles, chances are we’ve seen what you have before or know where to go to price it. No matter how unusual or rare your antiques or collectibles, Ridge Coin will help price your valuables and consider making an offer. Learn more