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Selling Diamonds in Rochester

Diamonds are often purchased for big events or passed down as family heirlooms and are the source of great sentimental value. But what should you do when you have diamonds or diamond jewelry which are no longer special to you? Selling diamonds on the second-hand market can be challenging, but also well worth it if you have an unwanted diamond of high quality. The value of a diamond varies greatly depending on its quality. More specifically, the 4C’s of diamonds: cut, carat, clarity, and color.

Depending on how well the diamond is cut, its size, how clear it is, and how pure the color, your diamond could be worth a very small amount, or tens of thousands. A GIA certificate can quickly tell us those qualifies of your diamond and allow us to get a fast quote for you, or our team can evaluate these aspects of your diamond and determine an estimate without the official certification.

Diamonds come in many forms, and we’ve purchased many different types in the past:

  • Diamond jewelry
  • Loose diamonds
  • Diamond rings
  • Engagement rings
  • Fancy colored diamonds
  • Wedding rings
  • Solitaire rings
  • Watches with diamonds
  • Designer jewelry, including Carier, Tiffanys & more!

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring
$759.99 | 0.25 CT, 14KT
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings
$499.39 | 0.5 CT, 10KT
Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Bracelet
$394.99 | 0.25 CT, 10KT

Our professional team at Ridge Coin will educate you on the pricing process, describe to you in detail what you have and why we priced it the way we did, and make you a cash offer for your valuables. All our quotes are free and selling to us is completely optional.

To get your free diamond appraisal, stop by or give us a call at (585) 234-5678 today!