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We know you have a lot of choices when you are looking for a pawn shop in Rochester. We know that you only want to deal with a reputable company who will treat you fairly and not take advantage of you. Ridge Coin is the #1 Rochester pawn shop because we treat every customer with honesty and integrity. It is important to us to treat every person that walks through our door with the respect that they deserve.

Need Cash Fast?

Look, we’ve all been there, right? Need a little extra cash to get you to the next paycheck? If you need cash fast and you can’t afford to wait for a typical loan or other means, then a pawnbroker might be the perfect solution for you.

Many people have a misconception as to what a pawnbroker really is. Typically, when someone brings an item of value into a pawn shop, they are looking for a short-term loan. A pawn shop agrees to loan the person an agreed upon amount of money for the item, which is used as collateral for that loan. If the loan is not paid off in the agreed upon timeframe, then the item that was used as collateral becomes property of the pawn shop, and they can now sell the item themselves. Of course, we'll offer to pay cash for valuables if you'd prefer to sell them rather than pawn them.

At Ridge Coin, we pride ourselves in being the best Rochester pawn shop because we treat our customers fairly, with the best prices and deals available. We call it our Buy Back Program. We promise to keep your item at our store and allow you to buy it back from us in the agreed upon timeframe before we will sell it to anyone else. Typically our rate is $1.00 a day per $100 borrowed. You simply won’t find a better deal than that in any other Rochester pawn shop!

What We Buy at Ridge Coin

We accept pretty much anything of value. Anything from gold, diamonds, jewelry, and watches to electronics and even cars. If it has value, we will give you the best possible deal. So come into Ridge Coin today and see why we are the number one Rochester pawn shop!

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